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Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger CAD$30.88

Offer CAD$30.88 Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger, Use This Power Adapter On Your Laptop Computer Or Monitor Is Safe And Efficient

Fast Ship Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger To Canada Toronto, CALGARY, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, MISSISSAUGA, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Laval, QUEBEC, London, Victoria, Markham, Brampton, Oakville, Gatineau, Richmond, Hill, Surrey, Scarborough, Kitchener, Burlington, Hamilton, Saskatoon, North York, Waterloo, Windsor, Milton, Burnaby, Montréal, Oshawa, Richmond, Guelph, Regina, North Vancouver, Thornhill, Sherbrooke, Kingston, Coquitlam, Halifax, Etobicoke, WHITBY, CAMBRIDGE, Kelowna, Kanata, Barrie, Nanaimo...

Image Output Volt Current Max Power Tip Size Tip Note Price Adapter Code
19V 2.37A 45W 3.0x1.0mm CAD$ 30.88ACER19V2.37A45W-3.0x1.0mm-B

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Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger ACER19V2.37A45W-3.0x1.0mm-B
Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger, 19V, 2.37A , ACER19V2.37A45W-3.0x1.0mm-B
1 Year Warranty
Quality inspection ok

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Package Include:
1 AC adapter + 1 CA Power Cord ( Default )
Free Shipping In CA

Canada Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger

Adapter Code:ACER19V2.37A45W-3.0x1.0mm-B
Ac InPut: 100-240V~1.2A 50-60Hz
DC Out Put: 19V
Out Put Current: 2.37A
Max Power: 45W
Adapter Weight: 159g
Size( L x W x H ): 95.10 x 38.20 x 26.10mm
Original: Yes
Tip Size: 3.0x1.0mm
Adapter Note: Please note this adapter tip is round small 3.0 x 1.0mm hole, Not the 5.5 x 1.7mm
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  • Original Price: CAD$ 39.09
  • Christmas Price:
    CAD$ 30.88
    ( Update: Dec 2021 )
  • You save: CAD$ 8.21
  • Please make sure that the adapter's interface specifications are correct when purchasing.

Machine Model:*

( Canada Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger. 3-11 days free shipping in Canada. )
Zahlung Canada Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger

Compatible Data:

This adapter can work as follow adapter model (Compatible information)

Fit Laptop (Machine) Model:

ACER: ASPIRE S5-371-70P9, SWIFT 1 SF113-31, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P4ZD, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-53Y6, ASPIRE S7-393-9427, SF314-54-57CA, ASPIRE ONE AO1-431, SWIFT 1 SF114-32, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-78LX, SF114-32-P2PK, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-80KM, SWIFT 3 SF314-55, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-56QA, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-51SC, SF514-52T-5847, 330178400, SF314-54-52FB, SF314-51, [ SPIN SP513-52N-530R ac adapter ], TRAVELMATE X349-M-34XP, SF113-31-P2OU, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272P, S5-371-71CV, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P4A2, SPIN 5 SP513-52N, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-53U2, ASPIRE V3-371-72DF, SF314-52-54JD, ASPIRE ONE CLOUDBOOK 11 AO1-131, CHROMEBOOK 11 CB3-131, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-37VP, SF113-31-P1NX, SP111-32N-C060, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-30KH, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-50PM, SF514-52T-88J3, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-61BS, ASPIRE ONE CLOUDBOOK 14, SF314-52--53AX, N15Q8, CHROME BOOK R11, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-M5FE, TRAVELMATE P238-M-58QJ, ASPIRE S5-371-5744, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P3BG, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P9TR, [ TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-50H0 ac adapter ], TRAVELMATE X349-M-56RM, ASPIRE R13 R7-371T-59VQ, SF114-32-P30S, CB3-431, ASPIRE V3-372, ASPIRE SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-M6S5, NI6C4, SF313-51-873X, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-75HF, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-59YQ, SW5-173, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-82RL, ES1-512-C2FA, N18H1, V3-371-57S2, ASPIRE N15P6, ASPIRE S5-371-56VE, N19H1, [ S5-371-5018 ac adapter ], SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P865, SF514-52T-891L, TRAVELMATE X349-M-54CU, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272P-M8V4, [ ASPIRE R14 ac adapter ], N17W6, N17W7, ASPIRE E5-721, SF313-51, N18Q13, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-532Z, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-53B0, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-39LB, SP111-32N-P5MH, V3-372-574Q, N17P6, ASPIRE SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-M3A0, ASPIRE A115-31-C5M2, ASPIRE S5-371T-76CY, N18P1, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P2CP, SWIFT 5 SF514-52, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-77BV, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-MOIS, ASPIRE S5-371-597C, N15Q10, N16Q2, ASPIRE S5-371, A315-31, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-54PR, N17W69, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-7133, SWIFT 3 SF315-41-R81H, TRAVELMATE X349-M-34NC, SP111-32N-C88M, SF313-51-87DG, N16PS, SWIFT 3 SF313-51-873X, A315-21-92FK, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P1CS, N17P4, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P72F, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-73W6, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-377Z, ASPIRE S5-371-572Z, [ S5-371-563C ac adapter ], N16P9, ASPIRE S5-371T-57WW, CHROME BOOK CB3-431, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-54JD, N17P2, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-74AE, [ TRAVELMATE X349-M ac adapter ], SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-M51S, SF313-51-59SZ, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-523F, ASPIRE R 14 N15P6, N15W8, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-31N8, ASPIRE A315-21-941X, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P6F6, N17H1, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-862L, SWITCH 11 SW5-171-31U3, ASPIRE SWITCH 12 S SW7-272-M5S2, ASPIRE S5-371T-76UX, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P2XU, ASPIRE R14 R5 471T, N15W5, [ SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P0N9 ac adapter ], SA5-271-F58U, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-511K, N16Q13, SWIFT 3 SF315-41-R4W1, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272, ASPIRE S5-371-5693, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-501C, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-71NF, SWIFT SF514-51, N15W1, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-563C, ASPIRE ES-17, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-84Q5, [ N16P2 ACER ASPIRE ac adapter ], TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-58W2, SWITCH 12 S, SWIFT 3 SF313-51-87DG, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P1YS, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P7Z0, S7-933, [ N15V2 ac adapter ], SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P5WW, ES-731-455B, SWIFT 3 SF315-41, N16P1, SW5-173P-67K2, ASPIRE S 13 S5-371-71QZ, ASPIRE S5-371T-58CC, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-58CX, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-588T, E-5 575 76C9, N15Q2, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-510G, ASPIRE ES17, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-57DK, E5-575-521W, SWITCH 12 SW5-271-640N, SWIFT 3 SF313-51, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-55UT, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P6YX, ASPIRE S7-391, N17Q1, R5-471T, ASPIRE E5-522, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-8205, N16Q7, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-6742, CB3-131 C9TK, SF514-51-558U, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P9XF, ASPIRE S5-371T-537V, [ SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P13P ac adapter ], SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-51JS, ASPIRE ONE 722, ASPIRE V3-372-574Q, N15Q1, EX2546, SF514-52T-83U3, SWIFT 314-51, SWITCH 11 V PRO, SWITFT SF314-54 SERIES, ASPIRE S5-371-76H0, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-784M, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-856S, ASPIRE V3-331, N17WS, ASPIRE R 13, E5-573-5638, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-562Z, SWIFT SF114, [ SWITCH 12 SW5-271-62X3 ac adapter ], SWIFT SF515-51, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-76FE, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P0AW, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P63H, SWIFT 3 SF315-41-R4AE, ASPIRE V3-371, SP111-33-C6UV, N16Q9, E5-523-979H, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-614T, SWIFT SF113-31, SWIFT 5, SWIFT 3 SF314-54-552V, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-C534, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-744S, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-74ZE, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-57EV, ASPIRE S7-392 SERIES, NE573, ASPIRE F 15, E5-473T, TRAVELMATE X349-M-72WU, [ N15V1 ac adapter ], SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P6F1, SWIFT 3 (SF314-54-5341), SWIFT 3 SF314-55-703E, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P5TS, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-84D4, CHROMEBOOK CB3-131, TMP236, N15W4, ASPIRE ES 15, CB5-311-T95H, SWITCH 12 SW5-271-60A4, SWIFT3 SF314-52-5756, ASPIRE S5-371-757T, SWIFT 1 SF114-32/ N17W6, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P5CK, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-56DF, SWIFT 5 SF514-52T-83G0, SW5-173P-6603, TMP236-M-547R, SPIN5 N17W2, C730-C5MP, CB3-131-C5RA, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P56D, SWIFT3 SF314-52, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-70VH, SQIFT 1 114-32, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-76G9, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-58ZF, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-5726, [ SWITCH 12 SW5-271-63YP ac adapter ], CHROMEBOOK 11, [ ASPIRE A315-21 ac adapter ], ES16, ASPIRE S5-371 N116C4, ASPIRE S5-371-72W0, NE132, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-C3C1, SPIN 11133, [ SPIN 5 SP513-52N-54SF ac adapter ], SF514-52T-59YX, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-6337, SF514-51-77S5, CHROMEBOOK 13, R11 CHROMEBOOK, N16C4, ASPIRE S13, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-54UE, SF113-31-A14Q, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-75W2, ASPIRE F-15, SF514-52T-56Q4, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-55WQ, TRAVELMATE X349-M-75J4, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P9VD, [ ASPIRE V3-371-58C2 ac adapter ], CHROMEBOOK CB3-431-C4VM, ES1-411-C2TL, ASPIRE R14/ R5-471T-534X, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-C10D, SWIFT SF514-53T, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P57A, ASPIRE E 15, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-549P, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-60VD, SWITCH 12 SW5-271-61X7, ASPIRE S5-371-767P, P236 V3-372, SPIN 1SP11133, TRAVELMATE P238-M-56P5, AO1-431-C4XG, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-79PC, [ SWIFT SF4-52T ac adapter ], SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-76TZ, ASPIRE A515-54, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173-66EP, TRAVELMATE X349-M-7261, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P5K9, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-71NF, P236 SERIES, [ SWIFT 5 SF514-52T-82WQ ac adapter ], ASPIRE F 15 F5573-75MP, A515-54-513C, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P4MS, SPIN 513-51-54K0, SPIN 5 SP513-52N-36P7, A515-55-56HH, TRAVELMATE X349-M-57Q1, SWITCH 12 SW5-271-604B, ASPIRE S5-371-74YU, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-C3MA, ASPIRE S7-393, SWIFT SF314-51, CLOUDBOOK A01-431-C4XG, V13 V3-372, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-523B, SP513-52N-89LS, SF514-52T-51HP, A315-21-616E, SW5-271, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-P45G, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-58CX, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-397T, ASPIRE S7-393-55208G, SP513-52N-530R, ASPIRE R14 N15P6, SWITCH SA5-271, SPIN 5 SP513-52, SP314-53GN-5810, TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-51JN, SWITCH 12 S SW7-272P-M9JP, [ ASPIRE S5-371-7278 ac adapter ], SWIFT 1 SF113-31-C2PV, SWIFT 1 SF113-31-P5BP, ASPIRE S7-393-7451, SF514-51-777U TCH NBK, N16Q3, SWIFT SF314-54, SF514-52T-86W1, SP111-32N-P2V2, SWITCH 11 V SW5-173, SPIN 1 SP111-32N-C9Q9, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-50MX, SWIFT 3 SF314-55-53B4, SWIFT 3 SF314-55G-547H, ASPIRE S7-393-7616, SF315-52-81HD, R5-571T-59DC, SWIFT SF314-52, [ TRAVELMATE X349-G2-M-336Z ac adapter ], SF315-52-87R5, TRAVELMATE X349-M-54W1,

This adapter may be can be used for follow machine ( Customer offered ):

ASPIRE A515-54, spin 5, spin513-51-78TH, N15Q9, a315-23, ADP-45FEF, N16Q2, ACER N16C4, sf314-54-552V, Acer R 14 N15P6, CB3-131 C9TK, Acer 1080, N19H1, SP314-53GN-5810, acer swift SF515-51, SP513-52N-89LS, N16PS, N18P1, N17q1, acer notebook N18H1, Ni6C4, Spin 513-51-54K0, 51452759zu, S7-392, V3-371-58C2, w15-045n4a, A515-55-56HH, Acer Aspire R14, Acer Spin 1, Sf113-31-p1nx, ACER ASPIRE A515-54, swift sf4-52t, N16Q13, n17p4, N17H1, SF314-54, N17P2, Acer Swift 5, cb3-131, N17W69, ACER ASPIRE E 15, P238-M-58QJ, Acer sqift 1 114-32, acer spin 11133, Swift SF315-52, SP111-32N-P2V2, Aspire R, E5-575-521W, N16P1, N16P2 Acer Aspire, Aspire one 722, A315-21-616e, Acer n18h1, Acer Aspire V 13, acer swift 1, N17w6, N15Q2, SF314-52-54JD, Swift, Acer aspire N15P6, N16P9, Swift SF314-51, S13, e5-523-979h, SF314-52--53AX, SP513-52N-530R, N17P6, n15w1, Acer switch 3, CHROMEBOOK CB3-131, SF315-52-81HD, SF314-54-57CA, N16Q3, sf114-32-p30s, Acer SP513-52N-530R, Aspire S13, ACERA51554513C, ao1-431-c2q8, acer ADP-45HE B, Spin 1sp11133, Swift 1, Cb3-431-c4vm, A13-045N2A, A315-21-92FK, N18H1, ADP 45HE B, CB3-131-C5RA, N17W2, Acer 11 Chromebook, ACER SWITCH SA5-271, ASPIRE R14 R5 471T, acer spin5 n17w2, Aspire V13, ACER SPIN 5, acer v3-371-58c2, Swift514-52T-82WQ, N17W7, N17WS, SP111-33-C6UV, Aspire V3-372-574Q, Acer swift 3, CB5-311, cb3-431, travelmate X349, AO1-431-C4XG, 14 N15P6, Acer travelmate B, N16.9, R14 N15P6, ACER ASPIRE S7-392, aspire, N15Q8, V3-372, N16C4, acer sf314-51, ACER A13-045N2A, n15q10, P238-M-56P5, aspire R13, ACER ES1-411-C2TL, Acer Aspire R13, acer c730-c5mp, V3-372-574Q, N16Q9, Acer Aspire R 13, R5-471T, n15p6, E-5 575 76C9, SA5=271, nisp6, Acer s7-933, adp-45he b, AO1-431, R5-571T-59DC, C730e, Acer, R11, E5-473T, N15Q1, ACER swift, Aspire E15 start

Offer CAD$30.88 Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger, use this Power Adapter on your laptop computer or monitor is safe and efficient

Tags: Genuine ACER W15045N4B Adapter A13-045-N2A 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger, 19V 2.37A ac adapter, 19V 2.37A charger,ACER 19V 2.37A power adapter, ACER 45W

Question about AC / DC Adapters ( From internet ):

What is the advantage of using AC and using DC current?

Simple answer first:
Advantage of using AC:
1. Generation, transmission and distribution with AC is simpler than DC.
2. AC supply can be stepped or down very easily and efficiently as compared to DC

Advantage of DC: 
1. Energy can be stored in electric battery cells. Battery cells provide dc supply. There is no any battery cell providing AC supply.
2. Almost all the electronic equipments operate on DC supply. 

Why we need a Back Up Laptop Charger?

As busy people on the go, we find ourselves ditching the traditional desktop computer and utilizing laptop computers for work. People can take their work to the office and back home and students can take legible notes in class on their laptop. However, one aspect of a laptop that is just as essential as the computer itself is the laptop charger.

Why is a laptop charger so essential? Well, think about it. What do you do when your battery power lasts only a couple of hours? You have to be plugged in somehow and that is what the laptop charger is for. Laptop charger adapters not only recharge a laptop computer battery but can also be an additional power source if you remove the battery pack from your laptop. Many times a power cord comes along with your original purchase of a laptop computer but it is not a bad idea to have a back up in case it were to go bad.

Once your laptop computer goes dead, there is no other way to revive it other than putting it on the support of a laptop charger power supply. If your computer is dead, there is no other way to access all of the work you have done on it nor open files that may be on your desktop. This leaves you without access to your work and delays your productivity.

Sometimes the power cord goes bad just out of the blue. It stops charging your battery all the way or within a timely fashion. It could be a result of being left in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Another reason for its failure could be that the wires are frayed underneath the protective coating if for some reason it has worn off. The other reason a laptop charger may quit working is if it is plugged in for too long, gets hot and just fizzles out from overuse. If you do not have a back up laptop power cord, you will be without your laptop for a few days until you can get your hands on a replacement one.

When looking for replacement laptop adapter power supply cords, you must find one that is compatible with your specific computer. They are usually difficult to find in physical retail stores depending on the type of laptop computer you use. Finding a replacement usually involves an online search to find a compatible one. Manufacturers of your computer will be able to offer you replacement laptop chargers but they are typically extremely expensive.

It is wise to look around for your back up laptop power source at reputable websites that offer valid return policies in case you get a junky cord that does not work from their site. These are typically much less than price of what your computer manufacturer can offer a laptop adapter at but you have to take care to ensure that you are not ordering a product from an online retailer that has poor performing or refurbished products. Often times, you get what you pay for but there are resources out there that do provide excellent products that work well and for a long time.

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