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42T5236 Battery, C$74.96 Canada Li-ion Rechargeable 7800mAh LENOVO 42T5236 Batteries C$74.96

Canada New 42T5236 Battery, sale price C$74.96, Li-ion 10.8V 7800mAh Silver 42T5236 battery for LENOVO laptop computer, notebook, computer, Ultrabook, ToughBook, gaming PC, tablet... fast shipping and 1 year warranty

42T5236, LENOVO 42T5236 Battery

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LENOVO 42T5236 Battery 7800mAh 10.8V Silver Li-ion
42T5236 Battery, C$74.96 Canada Li-ion Rechargeable 7800mAh LENOVO 42T5236 Batteries, 7800mAh, 10.8V, Silver , Li-ion
1 Year warranty
Fast Shipping
30 Days Money Back

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LENOVO 42T5236 Replacement Battery 7800mAh 10.8V Silver Li-ion

Battery ID:NLVLN2007800S9O
Battery Name:42T5236 Battery
Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Volt: 10.8V
Battery Capacity:7800mAh
Battery Color: Silver
Battery Weight: 500g
Total Sale:95 Sold
Condition:Brand New, Replacement Battery, 1 Year Warranty
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  • Original price: C$ 94.89
  • Today's Price:
    C$ 74.96
    ( Updated: Jun 2020 In stock)
  • You Save: C$ 19.93
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LENOVO 42T5236 Replacement Battery 7800mAh 10.8V Silver Li-ion
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Compatibility Of This 42T5236 Battery

This 42T5236 Laptop Battery Compatible Follow Original Battery Number:
40Y8315, 40Y8322, 41U5025, 41U5026, 42T4515, 42T4516, 42T5213, 42T5235, 42T5236, 42T5237, 42T5238, 42T5239, 42T5240, 42T5252, 92P1183, 92P1184, 92P1185, 92P1186, ASM 42T5213, ASM 42T5217, ASM 92P1183, ASM 92P1185, FRU 42T4514, FRU 42T5212, FRU 42T5216, FRU 42T5256, FRU 92P1184, FRU 92P1186

This 42T5236 Laptop Battery Can Work With Follow Laptop:
3000 C200, 3000 C200 8922, 3000 N100, 3000 N100 0689, 3000 N100 0768, 3000 N200, 3000 N200 (15.4 inch widescreen), 3000 N200 0769, 3000 N200 Series (14"), 3000 N440

detail information

Question about 42T5236 laptop battery ( From internet ):

If a laptop is always plugged in and charging, what is the effect on the 42T5236 battery?

It will not damage your 42T5236 battery.

It will shorten its life though, but there is nothing practical you can do about it.

Lithium Ion batteries age in two ways, one is through what is termed "Calendar Life" and the other is Cycle life. Here is what you need to understand about both:

Calendar life - the time spent at a given state of charge (SOC) and a given temperature causes a loss of capacity and increase in internal resistance that is proportional to the square root of the time. Higher SOC imparts greater degradation. Higher temperature imparts greater degradation. Keeping your computer plugged in all the time with the battery ensures that the battery stays hot and charged as much as is possible. If nothing else, turn down the performance of the laptop when you don't need it to overperform so that it runs cooler.

Cycle life - while you might think that it makes sense to fully discharge the batteries, rather than put lots of little cycles into it, the opposite is true. Lots of little cycles do virtually nothing to the cells. 100% discharges are the bane of their existance.

So, the reality is, you could optimize battery life by keeping the battery about 50% charged, letting it discharge a bit and then recharging it, and if chargers allowed for it, floating them at a SOC that was not 100%. However, it is much much easier to just get on with life and use your laptop and not worry too much about this. Assume your battery costs you $1 a day. Put that much away for its replacement. When it is fine on the day you buy your next computer, you have now paid for that new computer, or a good size chunk of it.

If you take the 42T5236 battery out, it will not be stable and will likely get more dust inside.

What should you do if your old 42T5236 laptop battery is plugged in but not charging?

  1. Remove the power supply from the notebook.
  2. Remove the battery from the notebook.
  3. Inspect the battery for sign of possible damage to the battery, if there is any damage to the battery like a cracked casing o0r swelling replace the battery.
  4. Also inspect the contacts on the battery for signs of dirt or corrosion. If any dirt or corrosion is detected, use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the contacts. Or, if the contacts are exposed and accessible, use s pencil eraser to clean the contacts. Use compressed air to clean any eraser particles. Do the same for the contacts for the battery in the notebook itself.
  5. Re-install the battery, then re-attach the power supply and see if the battery is charging now.

If the battery is charging, you may want to check the manufacturers support site and see if they have a utility to check your battery. (Not all manufactures may have them, I know that HP does for at least some for their notebooks.)

If you want a long life 42T5236 Battery, just to buy a new original 42T5236 Battery or higher capacity 42T5236 Battery. Beacuse genuine battery have original battery cells, higher capacity battery can work longer and reduce annual charge times.

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