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Why are batteries in phones measured in mAH, and why are computer batteries in watts, whats the difference between the two and how do batteries work?

Charge capacity in mAh = milliamps x hours. This is the amount of current that can be supplied over a time. It’s independent of the voltage. Also 1000 mAh = 1 Ah

Watts is a unit of power. It is independent of charge capacity. It’s the ability to supply energy a a certain rate.

Watt-hours, Wh = watts x hours. This is how much power can be supplied over a time.

To get from Ah to Wh you have to multiply by the voltage.

Somewhere else on Quora there is a nice entry using tanks of water to illustrate voltage, current, capacity and energy.

Voltage = height of the tank

Current = size of outlet pipe

Power = rate of water running out of the outlet pipe = ie. current times voltage.

Energy = volume of the tank times its height ie. how long the above can continue.

Charge capacity = volume of the tank.
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